20th September 2017

About ILAS

About Ilas

ILAS provides its members and their clients with the natural advantages that arise from ILAS unique multidisciplinary membership of independent firms and broad international coverage.

Through ILAS, ILAS members and their clients have access to local, national and international legal, accountancy, auditing, financial, insolvency and tax expertise and advice. ILAS seeks to build and maintain its reputation for providing access to a consistently high level of expertise and professionalism throughout its membership. As such ILAS has created strict guidelines and conducts regular reviews of all members to ensure the very highest professional standards and operational competence.

ILAS aims to provide access to worldwide personal and business solutions for ILAS members and their clients and, in so doing, assist businesses in expanding, growing and developing locally, nationally and internationally. By providing access to high quality independent professional advisers, ILAS is able to reduce the risks and obstacles of doing business in a foreign environment and at a distance.

ILAS provides its members with a global forum for the exchange of ideas, information and developments relating to the provision of professional legal, accountancy, auditing, financial, insolvency and tax services with a view to assisting ILAS members in maintaining and developing their respective businesses.